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Our World.
Your Challenges.

One Solution.

In an increasingly complex digital environment, data engineers in security teams are yearning for a streamlined solution - a user-friendly, no-code system that can be harnessed by everyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise. VEGA, with its singular focus on these professionals, grasps this necessity more profoundly than any other platform.

Seamlessly Navigating
Your Challenges

Democratizing Security

Vega simplifies the complicated, making state-of-the-art security tools accessible and usable by all.

Illuminating Insights

Vega offers comprehensive visibility into your business environment, converting raw data into actionable insights.

Amplifying Expertise

Vega uses advanced AI to fill your security skill gaps, transforming non-programmers into tech-savvy problem solvers.

Optimizing Resources

Vega transforms scarcity into abundance by maximizing the effectiveness of your resources.

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In our world where data is the lifeblood of success, it is often locked in silos, making smart analysis and consolidation a Herculean task. Vega’s pioneering AI technology breaks down these barriers, delivering a single, unified view of your data landscape.
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The VEGA Platform

Harness the unrivaled power of AI and NLP with Vega. Our no-code risk analytics platform brings to your fingertips:

Collector Creation, Simplified

Vega empowers you to swiftly construct new collectors

Dashboard Design Made Easy

Streamline your reporting with our intuitive dashboard builder

Intelligent Analysis

Utilize cutting-edge generative AI for comprehensive insights

Holistic Analysis Pipelines

Architect powerful, multi-faceted analytical workflows

Vega’s architecture handles large volumes of assets and data with ease, ensuring minimal collection and response times.

Discover the VEGA Advantage

Empower Contextualization

Enrich every asset - individuals, processes, or systems - with essential context, thanks to our revolutionary inline AI.

Tap into Cyber Feeds and Data

Leverage our pre-packaged threat intel feeds, taxonomies, and security knowledge.

Harvest Internal and External Data

Gain a holistic risk picture by harvesting data like an insider or an attacker.

Scale Effortlessly

Whether managing 100 or 1,000,000 assets, select your concurrency and Vega ensures smooth sailing.

Real-World Applications

Asset Management

Attack Surface & Third-Party Analysis

Business Email Compromise

Informed Authorization

Ransomware Defense

Customized Scenarios

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Meet Rescana

We are Rescana, an agile innovator redefining the boundaries of cyber risk management. Our mission is to dissolve security bottlenecks, speeding up business processes requiring risk assessment. Learn more about our vision at


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