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Shift The Balance

Security weaknesses are easy to exploit and costly to protect. Rescana equips you to make defense as easy as offense, using tip-scaling AI-based solutions.

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Digital Transformation Exponential Sprawl

Tame the expanded, complex, and uncontrolled attack surface with enhanced visibility.


Avoid the rising trend of cyber attacks targeting undiscovered, unpatched, and misconfigured digital assets.


Overcome the need for more compatible technology to control the entire attack surface.

Cyber Security Third Party Risk Management

Reduce team fatigue from security questionnaires and the ongoing pursuit of third-party vendors.


Cut costs associated with third-party security audits.


Regain command over your third-party cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Security Team Bottlenecks

Empower managers with instant answers to critical questions, such as ‘Do all my laptops have EDR installed?’.


Equip junior team members to perform broader tasks effortlessly, even without in-depth system specialization


Simplify security inquiries for cross-departments (e.g., ‘Does this vendor meet our security standards?’)

Challenges We Solve

Rescana’s Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions Empower You To Navigate And Overcome These Challenges.

Bridging the Cybersecurity Skill Gap with Advanced AI

VEGA tackles the critical industry challenge head-on: the global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. By harnessing the power of AI-driven natural language processing, VEGA enables organizations to extend their cybersecurity capabilities without needing extensive specialist knowledge, democratizing access to advanced security operations.

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Rescana - Vega

Accelerate Task Completion

Achieve more in less time with AI-powered efficiency that simplifies the execution of daily security operations.

Empower Diverse Skill Levels

Transform any team member into a cybersecurity contributor, regardless of their technical background. For example, thanks to VEGA’s intuitive AI interface, someone knowledgeable in Snyk principles can effortlessly adapt to using GitHub.

Mitigate Skill Shortages

Directly address the cybersecurity skill gap by enabling your existing workforce to quickly perform complex security tasks requiring less specialized knowledge.

Key Benefits

Facilitate Cross-Disciplinary


Enable non-security departments to obtain crucial security insights autonomously, preserving valuable time of skilled cybersecurity personnel for strategic initiatives.

Seamless Integration Across


Enhance your organizational agility with VEGA’s capability to integrate with operational, sales, marketing, HR, and finance technologies, fostering a unified security-conscious culture.

Simplify Data Integration

and Analysis

Effortlessly gather and interpret data from various sources, streamlining analysis without needing prior integration, reducing the workload on specialized cybersecurity staff.

Out-of-the-Box Compliance Questionnaires

A comprehensive pre-built compliance questionnaire library. Covering key standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, GDPR, and more..

Customizable Scoring Algorithm

Our customizable scoring algorithm enables organizations to tailor risk assessments based on their specific risk tolerance and regulatory requirements. Facilitates a more relevant and actionable risk evaluation process.

Continuous Risk Assessment

This allows continuous monitoring and assessment of third-party risks, ensuring that any changes in vendors' risk profiles are quickly identified and addressed.

Key Benefits

Reduced False Positive Rates

Our unique technology and customizable features help significantly reduce false positive rates. Streamlining the risk management process and enabling security teams to focus on genuine threats.

Integration with Existing Workflows

Seamlessly integrates into existing procurement and risk management workflows, reducing manual labor and overhead while ensuring a unified approach to third-party risk management

Comprehensive External Attack Surface Management Solution

An External Attack Surface Management Solution designed to empower organizations in identifying and managing their external attack surface. This sophisticated tool systematically uncovers hidden, unpatched, and improperly configured digital assets, ensuring a robust cybersecurity posture.

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Rescana TPRM Platform

Lower False Positive Rates

Significantly reduces false positives, enabling security teams to focus on genuine threats and vulnerabilities, optimizing their response efforts. Allowing security professionals to allocate their resources and attention more effectively, concentrating on addressing genuine vulnerabilities and threats.

Continuous Monitoring and Risk Assessment

The platform offers continuous monitoring of the external attack surface, quickly identifying and assessing risks associated with newly discovered assets or changes in existing assets, enabling organizations to stay ahead of potential threats by taking timely action.

Comprehensive Asset Discovery

Enables organizations to discover and catalog all internet-facing assets, including domains, subdomains, IP addresses, ports, and services. This comprehensive discovery is crucial for understanding the full scope of the attack surface that needs to be protected.

Key Benefits

Faster Data Refresh Rates

Ensuring rapid refresh rates of data related to the external attack surface, offering timely insights into potential vulnerabilities and exposures.

Customizable Vulnerability Scoring

The scoring algorithm allows organizations to prioritize vulnerabilities based on their own risk tolerance levels and business context, focusing efforts on mitigating the most significant organization's risks.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Only after I started working with Rescana, I realized I didn't have all the information I needed. Rescana technology helped me access critical information I missed, prioritize potential security risks, and manage them

Gil Ohayon,

CISO, Artlist

Rescana customer's quote

Third-Party Risk Management

An innovative risk management platform, expertly designed to mitigate and manage the threats posed by Third-Party vendors. It leverages cutting-edge technology and offers customization to align seamlessly with your organization’s requirements.

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Rescana TPRM Platform

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About Us


Rescana is a dynamic and innovative company at the forefront of cyber risk management. Our vision is to shift the balance in cybersecurity, tipping the scales in favor of defenders over attackers and accelerating the business processes crucial for risk assessment. Vega, our AI flagship product, represents the next generation in attack surface management and third-party risk, designed to conform to the unique policies of various organizations. We at Rescana are a team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals. Each of us brings years of hands-on experience from leading security roles in international organizations. Founded in 2017, we have quickly established ourselves, working with leading Israeli and international organizations and forming partnerships with major cybersecurity and technology players like Ness and Trend-Micro.

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