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Shift the Balance

Add an AI interface to your security systems and power up your team.



AI-Driven Security Automation platform offering a seamless bridge between risk, security, and business data.

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Integrate With Any Existing

Risk Management Workflow

Automatic Discovery Engine

Successful risk programs rely on accuracy in the process of discovering and managing assets and only then assessing the risks. Rescana's Artificial intelligence preforms asset attribution, thereby keeping false positives to a minimum.


Feature Rich Survey Forms

Rescana's form engine gives you the flexibility you need to conduct your Risk Surveys. Use and customize our built in forms, or upload your own to make the perfect survey.

Blazing Fast Data Collection

Infinitely scalable, our army of collector bots scour the deepest corners of the web in search of your assets and data on a daily basis. With Rescana you are always up to date.



Classify with ease

Integrate into your procurement system, and make sure vendors are classified correctly from the beginning


Cyber Intelligence Assesment

Automatic and Comprehnsive

Our scale out massive data collection platform constantly monitors the web and deep web, and then correlates and enriches with Cyber Risk Data



Ask the Right Questions

Rescana's flexible Survey will ingest any existing questionnaire, and is feature rich - providing the best experience for you and your vendor

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Evaluate and Mitigate

Collaborate With Your Vendors

Communicate the vulnerabilities to your vendors with ease, re-certify them quickly with pre filled forms

Put the ROI back in Cyber



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What is Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Risk Management, or TPRM in short, is the process of assessing and monitoring Cyber Security Risks which occur due to your third parties (Vendors, Customers etc). The impact of such a breach could be devastating, depending on how your company depends on the third party, which data or assets they get access to etc.

What is Attack Surface Managment

Today's organisations are moving fast. The Cloud & DevOps have made it easier than ever for companies to be agile and expand their application non-stop. This in turn has resulted in a major challenge - having an up to date understanding of how your business is exposed to the internet, and what needs to be done to protect it.

What is Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT in short, is the practice of gathering and analysing publicly available information, and extracting actionable security insights from it.

Where do I start?

Since Rescana's innovative platform collects massive data via OSINT, hardly anything is required in order to get started - just point it at a company, and you will start receiving great insights! 



Because Risk management isn't "one size fits all". 

With Rescana we are able to detect hundreds of exposed legacy systems  - Multi-National Logistics company's CISO

Rescana graph visualisation gives us a clear picture of all our internet facing assets

- Large Bank's SOC Manager

Rescana integrated into our ERP and saved us hours of onboarding vendors

- Leading Online Gaming Company's CISO

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